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Furnished apartments at Selected Homes

Choosing a furnished apartment through Selected Homes offers you comfort, flexibility, and style without the usual hassle of moving.

The advantages offered by Selected Homes includes the convenience of moving into a furnished apartment, as well as the flexibility in terms of the lease - from short-term rentals to longer stays, all without the traditional requirements for a deposit or prepaid rent. This makes us an ideal solution for those seeking temporary housing in Aarhus, whether for relocation, corporate housing, or pleasure.

What sets Selected Homes apart from others?

Selected Homes stands out in the Aarhus real estate market with a mix of flexibility, quality, and service. We provide furnished apartments with flexible leasing terms without the need for a deposit or prepaid rent, making us the perfect choice for anyone looking for either a temporary or permanent place to stay. This approach makes the process of finding and moving into an apartment quick and easy, with less financial burden for you as a tenant.

Our apartments are ideal for businesses seeking corporate housing solutions for their employees or expats wanting a homey base with full amenities, as well as individuals in need of temporary housing. Tourists will also enjoy more space and privacy than at a hotel, with the opportunity to live like a local. But it's also for those who simply desire to live in a luxurious, furnished apartment in Aarhus.

At Selected Homes, we can tailor an offer to each housing seeker's unique needs, providing you with a worry-free rental experience with high comfort and service.

The advantages of renting a furnished apartment

When you rent a furnished apartment through Selected Homes, convenience and luxury go hand in hand. Our apartments, located in Aarhus, offer the perfect balance between a temporary dwelling and a long-term home, designed for those who value high quality and extraordinary comfort.

By choosing a furnished apartment, you avoid the hassle associated with buying and moving furniture, making the transition to your new home easy – both financially and practically. Our selection includes exclusive luxury apartments. This ensures that from the moment you arrive, you can enjoy a home defined by comfort and style.

Whether you're looking for a temporary solution or a more permanent home, Selected Homes offers a housing experience beyond the ordinary.

Our apartments at Selected Homes

At Selected Homes, we offer a selection of exclusive housing options in the heart of Aarhus, including luxury apartments in Lighthouse and Nicolinehus. These furnished apartments are perfect for those seeking an above-average apartment in Aarhus or a flexible short-term rental solution.

The apartments are equipped with modern amenities, offer scenic views, and are centrally located, so you can easily explore the city.

Each apartment is carefully selected and furnished to ensure that your time in Aarhus is as comfortable as possible, making an apartment at Selected Homes a great choice for those seeking something beyond the ordinary.

Furnished apartments tailored to various needs

Selected Homes offers a range of furnished apartments in Aarhus that can accommodate a wide variety of needs. Whether you're a digital nomad, need corporate housing, are looking for temporary housing, need relocation or a permanent place to stay, you'll find flexible housing solutions with us.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Selected Homes is the ability to rent a furnished apartment without a deposit. This makes it easier for tenants to move in without the financial burden that often comes with traditional rental apartments.

Our concept is designed to ensure that you can enjoy the convenience and quality of your furnished apartment from day one, regardless of the reason for your stay. We aim to make your search for housing as worry-free as possible by offering solutions that exactly fit your needs.

Exclusive furnished housing solutions

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